Paul Weinstein

With a wealth of experience, largely from blue chip London ad agencies, Paul is an accomplished marketing and communications professional. (And a pretty good copywriter too!) As well as having the intuitive creativity required for working at Brands2Market, Paul brings the insight, imagination and foresight to our team and to our clients. Paul’s m.o is to listen, observe, understand and differentiate your organisation, so as to create joined-up marketing right across the media spectrum, delivering substantiated ideas that will make a difference to your business, brand and bottom-line.

Jo Byrne

Jo Byrne MCSD is a Head of Creative with over 22 years design and strategic marketing experience, having worked in London and Southampton based design agencies from Ogilvy, Fitch, 141 Worldwide, MBA and Portland Design to name a few. Jo offers guidance and creative services to clients large and small both in and outside the UK. She has a passion for design and understands the key benefits that B2M creativity and marketing can bring to you and your business.