Take a more disciplined and yet creative approach to marketing your professional services firm

In my work and more so, when at networking events, I meet a large number of people from the professional
services sector. By and large they are from established firms that wish to grow further, so perfectly fit our ideal
client profile. Yet some have expended so much money in a scattergun approach to their brand and to their
marketing communications, and often a great deal more than we charge, that we might have to wait until the next
budget allocation, before we can come fully on-board, with a planned creative strategy.

But when we do come on-board, we can make a significant difference by going a few steps back to get things shipshape
before moving forward, efficiently and effectively. Even then, it will never be in unsustainable leaps, but in
bite size chunks, providing the clarity, consistency and cohesion, externally and internally, cross-media and in their
business operations, that are so often sought. Add to these the creativity, campaignability and commerciality we
bring to the party and it’s not scary from a budget or task point of view either.

By getting the message right in the first instance, ensuring that it is both substantive and substantiated, and
aligned to both the personality of the firm and its business objectives, we can take any number of firms in the same
segment of their professional sector and even if they, on paper, do the same core job, we can differentiate the
business to stand out from the competition for all the right reasons, to similarly attract their ideal clients, over the
short, medium and longer term. Indeed, the work we do upfront consolidates proven strategic brand planning
disciplines, more regularly seen from our bigger agency peers and allies these to a pragmatic yet creative
approach to gaining business and retaining it for our clients.

In this way, we build professional service brands that are enduring and so maintain a relationship of equals with
our clients for the long-term. We think it’s a wise approach and believe you will think so too. Contact Paul now to
arrange a no obligation meeting on 01923 418039 or email: theredroom@brands2market.com

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